A smart new tool for managing insect pests

pestIQ is an intelligent online tool that makes it faster and easier for advisers and farmers to manage insect pests in broad-acre crops and pastures. Try it free, and find out for yourself. 

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Powerful insect search engine

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Identify insects quickly and accurately with pestIQ's simple visual interface. Access extensive insect profiles with monitoring techniques, economic thresholds, chemical, biological and cultural control options, life cycles, image galleries and more.

Smart insecticide search

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Use pestIQ's smart insecticide search engine to find the right insecticide for any insect and crop combination. Each insecticide profile includes simple spray charts with application rates by crop & pest, and impact ratings for beneficial insects.

Insect monitoring made simple

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Learn the essentials of insect monitoring with recommended techniques by crop, insect type and the time of year. Includes step by step instructions, equipment you'll need, and the pros and cons of each monitoring technique.

Implementing IPM

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Learn more about Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in broad-acre crops and pastures. Discover the benefits and evidence for IPM, and read our detailed case studies.

Get more with pestIQ PLUS+

With pestIQ PLUS+ you get the additional support of cesar's team of experts for 12 months. We provide professional advice over the phone and email, and insect identifications when you need to be certain.

One-to-one Phone Support
Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team are just a call away. We can provide advice on a wide range of pest management issues and challenges including insect monitoring, identification and insecticide use.

Email Support
Got a simple question, or don't have time to chat. You can email us for advice or information on any insect related issue.

Insect Identification
With pestIQ PLUS+ you get 3 Insect IDs per year - valued at $180. We provide a fully authenticated report with control options within 48 business hours of receiving insect samples.

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pestIQ will be a useful tool for our consultancy team. Graduates right through to experienced advisers will benefit from this resource. It places all the information in one place to save us time. It is simple to use and we can trust that the information will be relevant and up to date

Kent Wooding

Manager, AGRIvision Consultants

Swan Hill

pestIQ is the one-stop-shop for invertebrate identification and management for agronomists and advisers. It is very user friendly and a great database for insect ID and control options

Greg Toomey

Senior agronomist, Landmark



12 month subscriptions available only. Subscription prices vary depending on the number of users as detailed below. All prices are inclusive of GST.

  Total number of users
  1-4 users 5-9 users 10+ users


12 months unlimited access to all online tools and resources at www.pestIQ.com.au


$240 per year

$192 per year 

Contact cesar for a customised quote


pestIQ PLUS+

12 months unlimited access to www.pestIQ.com.au, plus 12 months of phone and email support (up to 2 hours) and 3 insect identifications


Add $120 per year

Add $96 per year

Contact cesar for a customised quote


Subscription Options

Single user or multiple (2 or more people) user subscriptions are available for pestIQ and pestIQ PLUS+.

For multiple user subscriptions any combination and quantity of pestIQ and pestIQ PLUS+ users may be selected. 

Subscription Package Example

2 x pestIQ subscriptions ($240 ea) $480
1 x pestIQ PLUS+ subscription $360
Total yearly cost