Frequently Asked Questions

Which crops are included in the pestIQ website?

pestIQ provides information on the following broadacre crops grown in southern Australia:

- Cereals

- Oilseeds (canola)

- Pulses

- Pastures including lucerne

Over time cesar will expand the site to include information on forage crops such as forage rape, sorghum, millet and maize.


I am a grower, is pestIQ suitable for me?

pestIQ is designed to be used by advisers, agronomists, consultants and growers alike. pestIQ will provide you with a comprehensive one-stop-shop with all the resources you’ll need for dealing with insect pests. This includes information on pests, their lifecycles and the monitoring and control options available.


Where does your spray rate information come from?

All information on insecticide spray rates and label information has been sourced from the most current APVMA label for each chemical. The relevant APVMA label number is included in the references section for each insecticide.  The information provided in pestIQ's spray rates are to be used as a guide only and users should always consult the APVMA label or relevant APVMA Permit information prior to spraying.

Can I subscribe to the pestIQ 7-day FREE trial more than one time?

The pestIQ 7-day FREE trial is a one-time only offer. However, cesar will consider individual requests to continue trialing pestIQ for a further limited time period.


Will pestIQ work on my ipad?

Although there is no specific ipad app for pestIQ , you can be assured that it operates very well on the ipad and therefore, when out in the field you will till have access to our comprehensive information at your fingertips. cesar is looking to develop specific apps for ipads, iphones and android phones into the future.

Why is pestIQ not a free service?

cesar has invested significantly in the development of pestIQ as an advanced pest management tool.  pestIQ has been designed to help users improve their identification of insect pests and beneficials, educate them about how to monitor correctly, provide detailed information about smart insecticide use, as well as information and support in the adoption of IPM. Unfortunately, cesar is not able to offer these services for free, however, we have ensured that the subscription fee is as low as commercially possible. 


Will PestFacts south-eastern continue to be free?

PestFacts south-eastern is supported by the National Invertebrate Pest Initiative (funded by the GRDC). cesar will continue to offer this service free of charge into the foreseeable future.


When does my pestIQ subscription begin?

Your 12 month subscription begins on the date you submit your order for subscription to pestIQ. cesar will allow up to 14 days access to the pestIQ website whilst you organise payment of the invoice. If after 14 days your invoice has not been paid cesar may deny access to the pest IQ website until we receive your payment.


How will I know when my 12 month subscription is about to end?

cesar will send you a reminder before your 12 month subscription is due for renewal. You will also receive an alert at the top of the pestIQ Home Page when your subscription has 30 days remaining.


Can I subscribe  for less than 12 months?

To keep administration costs and subscription fees to a minimum cesar does not offer the ability to split 12 month subscriptions. Regardless of when you sign up for pestIQ, you will receive the value of a full 12 month subscription.


Can I share my pestIQ subscription with other people?

No. Each pestIQ account and subscription is strictly for the exclusive use of one individual only.  cesar reserves the right to deny access to any subscriber who is found to be breaching this requirement. All users should carefully read and must accept cesar’s Terms & Conditions and Website Terms of Use. cesar does offer multi-user subscriptions to pestIQ with excellent savings for more than 2 users as detailed on the pestIQ Home Page.

What payment options does cesar offer?

When you submit your subscription order, you will receive a Tax Invoice from cesar detailing your subscription request and payment amount.  Payment must be made within 14 days, either via Electronic Funds Transfer or cheque (full details will be shown on the Invoice).


Can I cancel my pestIQ subscription if I'm not happy or my circumstances change?

You are entitled to cancel or close your pestIQ account at any time. However, cesar does not offer a refund on your subscription fee. If you are not satisfied with the performance of pestIQ you should contact us as soon as possible to rectify any issues you might have. Please read the Terms & Conditions and Website Terms of Use for further information.


Will cesar pass on my personal information to any other organisations or third parties?

cesar respects your privacy and will not sell any of your personal information to other organisations, however, to assist in communication to our subscribers, your contact details will be forwarded and held at MailChimp, however, they do not have access to the actual data supplied. Please review our Privacy Policy for further details.